An integrated smart building was once difficult or often impossible to achieve without expensive gateways (those mysterious black boxes) and specialty communication drivers. Open system innovations have changed that. Connecticut Temperature Controls (CTC) is Connecticut’s leader and accomplished integration expert in providing true open systems. By utilizing open technologies, truly integrated building systems are now able to be implemented. With an open system utilizing a common protocol structure, devices from multiple vendors come together as one seamless user interface.

BACnet or LonWorks alone does not make a system open. Proprietary configuration tools can lock a customer into a single source service provider. A true open system uses a common set of configuration and programming tools available to many vendors. This allows for an open software platform that is serviceable by multiple service providers.

As an independent integrator, CTC will choose best in class sub-systems from multiple manufacturers to provide the optimum solution for each application. This approach creates a flexible, expandable DDC system that gives the customer the most versatility.

Connecticut Temperature Controls, LLC is a full service energy management, temperature controls, and systems integration company providing complete building management systems including design, installation, commissioning, service and support to our customers located throughout the State of Connecticut. 

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